31. Mai 2015
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During my second trip to Australia this year (from March to May), I have been filming a daily Snapchat Story for you guys and decided to share all the videos from now on on my new YouTube VLOG Channel! I hope you will enjoy them and I hope you will get a tiny clue of how it has been for me in Australia the past few months. A little background story to start with: I have never planned on filming my trip as I only wanted to share photos of my journey on Insta. My friend Sarah convinced me to download Snapchat before my trip and I started to like it a lot. I realized that more and more people start to watch it and comment on my clips and I felt really really connected to my followers. Now I am more than happy that I have started this Vlog Journey and I really hope you like it as well. I will keep filming on my Snapchat as usual but I will be uploading my Aussie Vlogs on my YouTube Channel frequently. Please have in mind that the first ones might be a bit ‚lame‘ ‚weird‘ or ‚boring‘ but I have been a bloody beginner and really did not know what to film/talk about etc. LOL :D I hope you understand.

And now.. Enjoy and please don’t forget to Like + Subscribe for more videos!

Snapchat: tatjanamariposa
Instagram: HERE
YouTube: HERE

x T.

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