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August 2016



16. August 2016
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As many of you likely noticed I have spent most my time in London this year. The city has really grown on me and is slowly starting to feel like home. I realized this after returning from a recent trip abroad: usually, when I leave a beautiful vacation destination I feel anxious and sad, especially when I am sitting on the plane back home and scrolling through my Spotify playlist hoping for the flight hours to pass fast. However, on my last flight back from a wonderful vacation in Greece I realized, as my plane took off from the Athens runway, that I was super relaxed and happy. Maybe it’s because I was flying Austrian Airlines and they upgraded me to business class (yay!!! which was by the way an amazing experience – shoutout to the friendliest staff and the excellent food onboard)…or because I simply missed my boyfriend and was too excited to get back to London! Well, I guess the UK does not only feel like home, it slowly became my home! Tomorrow I’m back on an Austrian Airlines plane flying to Berlin (well, they just won a new very happy customer) and I am also very excited to share what project is coming up next this weekend! PS: What are your favorite airlines and why? x

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15. August 2016

When it comes to bikinis I currently always mix and match styles as well as colors. You will probably never see me wearing a top with a matching bottom and this season’s pieces by TEZENIS especially caught my eye since they come in all varieties! Continue Reading


My Summer Make Up

10. August 2016

Hi girls! I’ve once filmed a quick makeup routine on my Snapchat, which was more or less incomplete as I haven’t showed all the products I have been using, that’s why I’m going to talk about it on my blog today. I usually stick to one routine during a season and rarely change my technique or my foundation. In summer I prefer using less makeup just because I get extremely annoyed by the combination of hot weather and too much product on my face. (another reason is that I also get quite a tan and therefore don’t particularly feel the need to apply too much foundation or bronzer). In winter my skin gets quite pale that’s why I would use the solarium once or twice – for some reason my body would get a slight tan but my face not, which I then try to balance with a darker foundation and more coverage. However, as summer is still not over yet (yay!) I would love to highlight this season’s routine :) Continue Reading


Hi Guys!

1. August 2016

I’m currently sitting in a café in Notting Hill, London as I’m writing this post, …having scrambled eggs, a granola bowl and a small americano before heading to my gym for my daily workout (I recently joined Virgin Active on High St Kensington – well, to be accurate: about 2-3 months ago). Continue Reading