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It’s up to you New York, New York

23. März 2016

(image: Lisa R.)

Hey guys, what’s up! Remember that week I went to New York with Bridget, Maja and Zorana? Yes, it’s been a while! I have never been a real NYC fan, to be entirely honest. I would always tell people „ummmmm, NYC is way too hectic, I totally prefer LA!!!“ – But ya know, you could basically name any city in the world, I’d always say, „naaaaah, LA is better!“. Haha, do I sound like a loser? However, I actually DO like NY, but I do not like the fact that I got super freaking sick the second day. Man, it was really bad! I was so ready for New York Fashion Week with my girls, already picked outfits for the shows, went to fittings, etc etc etc BUT I got the flu and did not leave my bed in daaaaays. Speaking of – let me introduce you to the „comfiest bed in the entire world“: My dream bed at the Sofitel NYC. (This could be an additional reason I haven’t really left the room, haha) Seriously guys, if you think you have slept in a more comfortable bed, um, nah, you are totally wrong. Seriously, stop, you are wrong! I mean it, don’t even start arguing now, haha. Even though I had fever, wouldn’t stop coughing, slept 80 percent of the time (well, there we go, the bed, remember?), did not feel like eating any food.. I still could not resist having a french princess breaky every morning delivered to the room (by the nicest staff ever!) – yum, yum, yum!

So, even though I got sick the first couple of days, the rest of this trip was pretty amazing. My girlfriends and I, in the middle of the Big Apple, laughing, having fun, drinking Aperol Spritz, eating french pastries, singing to Justin Bieber Songs, talking about love, life, crying over boys AND doing Fashion Week! Yup, I love the Sofitel and I am sure you will too! The location is perfect, well it was for us at least!! It is located between 5th and 6th Ave, Mid Town on 44th street, just around the corner of Times Square, basically in the middle of Manhattan. The rooms very surprisingly big, considering the fact that rooms in NYC are usually tiny AF! Now imagine 4 girls traveling with 2-3 suitcases each (!!) – uuuummmm, hey there, we need some space!!! Bottom line, if you are planning a trip to New York, want a decent hotel, in a good area, with the nicest staff, delicate food and unlimited Lanvin shampoo and conditioner, you already know the right place to stay!!!

PS: Sofitel, you are amazing, I wanna come back as soon as possible, actually, do you mind if I just move in?  xoxo T.

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14. Dezember 2015

Thank you guys for your comments and mails regarding my last post and also for your honesty. It really made me feel so much better about so many things, thank you for that! So I have already spent a couple of days here in London and really start to enjoy this city more and more. I hate cold weather and I am always in a better mood and more motivated when the sun is shining and the temperature is above 20 degrees celsius. However, I fell in love with the Xmas mood here in this city and kind of don’t wanna leave soon :D 3 days ago we found this really cool spot close to our hotel which is called ‚The Roasting‘. A cute small coffee shop where we start to hang out every day for lunch (I especially love the blueberry muffin!!!). Yesterday we went to Winterwonderland, which I have not visited before. It is basically a fun park with rides and stuff like that, similar to the Prater in Vienna. We went on a couple of fun rides, drank some wine and hot chocolate and headed back to the hotel as it was freezing :D However later that evening we had dinner at one of our fav Italian restaurants called Cipriani, enjoyed some pasta and headed to Chiltern Firehouse, a reallyyyyyy cool place with a great atmosphere. Anyways, what do you think about my outfit choice? You can find all details below!

Talk to you soon
x T


PIK_8935 Photos: Krisztian
Jacket: Topshop
Shirt: Free People
Jeans: Topshop
Boots: Zara
Bag: Chanel
Hat: ViaCloudsUK
Shades: Taylor Morris
Accessoires: Roar

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#shareyoursexy with Zalando & Calvin Klein Underwear

4. Dezember 2015

Hey my loves! Long time no see! I am so happy to be able to share some fun things with you again and I am really happy with these images that I took earlier in Las Vegas for you. There are so many beautiful ways to define „sexy“ and to me, it has nothing to do with showing skin, wearing a lot of makeup or obvious clothing. I believe the new Zalando x Calvin Klein Underwear campaign embraces the actual meaning of sexy in a very elegant and fun way by letting US show our meaning of this word when using the hashtag #shareyoursexy. And to me? Well, having a special attitude, but in a positive way, is one of the sexiest things. A certain character defines sexy to me. What about you? Share it with me and get the chance to win a €100 Zalando gift voucher! How it works? Basically share your opinion of sexy on your Instagram account and tag the following:

– @Zalando
– @CalvinKlein
– @tatjanamariposa

..and also, do not forget the Hashtags: #shareyoursexy, #österreich

The best image wins! Good luck and talk to you soon! x


photo credit: LISA

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14. August 2015

As you have seen on my Instagram, I spent the past week on a boat with really cool people in wonderful Greece. The Yacht Week – the best week of your life, they say. Well, it has been an incredible experience for me which I will definitely repeat next year :) ! During this week we have visited Lavrio, Poros, Ermioni, Plaka, Dokos and Hydra with around 26 other boats. Getting to know new people from different countries and share experiences and adventures with them is basically the main goal of this whole trip, besides partying of course :P To be honest, I have never spent more than a day on a yacht and at first I kind of struggled a bit with sea sickness (basically the first day) but after some time I totally got used to it and I could finally enjoy the #boatlife. (After 4 days sailing, we spent 1 night at the beautiful Nikki Beach Hotel in Porto Heli, which is one of my all time favorite hotels for sure!!) Lack of space is another issue especially when 7 other people are on the same boat, but to be honest, it was still relaxing and fun and now as I am back home, I miss being 24/7 with a bunch of strangers (which now became friends of course). And if you guys read this: I miss you already and I cannot wait to catch up with you soon somewhere in the world <3 Anyway, what do you guys think about my new black bikini from GUESS? I don’t ever wanna take it off! My favorite piece this summer!

x T

DSC02298 DSC02303DSC02345

DSC02321DSC02358 DSC02374 DSC02381 DSC02391 DSC02402 DSC02409 DSC02428 DSC02459 DSC02483 DSC02489DSC02291

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27. Juli 2015

First of all I wanna thank you for your nice feedback on my last post! I really did not expect that.. you are the best!! :) I am really feeling better now and your lovely comments totally cheered me up.. so thank you for that!! Well, I just got back home from shopping (did not really need anything in particular, but ran out of perfume so I got Chanel Mademoiselle in those three small bottles – travel size, which are perfect for my handbag, also bought a new bottle of Lancaster Tan Deepener..juuuuust in case haha)  and thought I would post one of my fav outfits of this summer and heeeeeey it is simple again haha BUT I am wearing a skirt instead of shorts this time (I am trying hard to change because I got this jeans short obsession, you knooow, lol) Do you like it? The shots were taken in Porto Montenegro and to be honest, looking at those images I feel like I wanna escape from Austria again!!! :))) Anyways, this Saturday I am heading back to Greece and I am more than e x c i t e d because it will be my second time visiting Greece this year and I already fell in love with the country! Okay is anyone of you heading to Greece as well and preferably the same week as I am? Let me know, let’s catch up! :D Outfit details below.

Talk to you soon, xxx

DSC01981 DSC02004 DSC02007 DSC02017 DSC02025 DSC02026

DSC02034DSC02028 DSC02029


Shirt H&M / Skirt J Brand / Bag Valentino / Shades Ray Ban Clubmaster / Shoes Converse

Photos: Zorana


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24. Juli 2015

Waking up several times at night super confused  not knowing where I am at the moment – should I worry? To be honest, I love to travel, I love to be in different places every day, to spontaneously book flights to cities I have never been before and create memories, go on adventures. But as lovely this life might sound, it is as exhausting especially when I am traveling overseas. Time difference sucks! The past few months have been crazy and due to jetlag, lack of sleep and especially because I am constantly overwhelming myself with new projects I ended up at the doctor’s cause of serious stomach pain. Stress it is, he said, stay at home and rest, he said, but how come if I am ‚constantly on vacation‘? Well, let’s make something clear: the majority of the people do not see the real me, my real life and things I sometimes have to struggle with. For example: I’m currently designing my collection with BikBok and travel to Norway several times a month, but still need to be in Vienna every 2-3 weeks for my projects with WOMAN and not to forget, I am ambassador for many brands and need to spend time organizing shoots and creating images, inbetween attending events in other countries every month, filming projects for TV, plus I am working with several travel and PR agencies which always offer spontaneous extra jobs and of course, I always try to fit some personal travel in my schedule and last but not least keeping you guys updated on social media. Basically, I am at home once a month for a super short time, which of course makes me sad because I do miss my family and friends. I do not complain, I never would, because I am SO THANKFUL for everything but I want to make things a bit more understandable. I am human and I struggle, for sure. I have spent the past weeks in Australia, Greece, Serbia, France, Germany, Montenegro, Italy, LA and Vegas, and hey, I was the happiest person EVER. My dream came true, finally going to the States! However, have I mentioned that I missed important flights, even booked the wrong flights, lost my credit cards, lost my iPhone (!!), passed out, cancelled big projects, had big fights with close friends, stressed out because of.. stress? No, because I kind of wanted to keep negative things private, but I guess I should not, right? I am at the point where I just want to slow down, take it easy and enjoy moments. And I am so sorry if I sound like a bitch complaining about life or something, I swear I am not, but it is a bit of a relief to just right down my thoughts even tho they might sound negative. :(
Anyways, let’s change topic now and talk about nicer things :D Here is an outfit that you guys favorited a lot on my Instagram. Zorana took those images of me in Belgrade before I headed to Los Angeles. See all outfit details below!!

Talk to you soon,
love ya!

DSC02077 DSC02080 DSC02085 DSC02086 DSC02090 DSC02091 DSC02096DSC02104 DSC02105T-Shirt The Fifth / Shorts Vintage Levi’s EBAY / Shades Rayban Clubmaster / Bag Valentino / Shoes Converse

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12. Juli 2015

And it was about time to go back to Belgrade! Zorana, Erna and I spent the last day in Tivat at Porto Montenegro, went for shopping and later lunch before heading to the airport. We took some really nice photos there, they will be online tomorrow. I am now in Belgrade as we speak and it is way too hot here plus I feel so sleepy and exhausted, especially after carrying a 23kg suitcase up to the 3rd floor, haha. Anyways, Zorana is watching a show on her laptop while I am playing with her Pomerian Lola, later we are planning to go to dinner with her friend Tamara and to be honest I cannot wait as I am STARVING already :( However, do you like my outfit from yesterday? I think it is pretty obvious that I fall for jeans shorts :D I love cool and simple outfits like this and hey, make sure to check out Lilja Bloom’s shirts for summer!

Talk to you soon,
X T.








DSC01944Shirt Lilja Bloom / Shorts One Teaspoon / Sneakers Valentino / Shades Ray Ban

Photos: Zorana

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11. Juli 2015

Yesterday was an extremely relaxing day, as we have spent it at the beautiful AMAN Spa in Sveti Stefan. I was totally impressed by the location since it is really private and calm and simply beautiful so the first thing I did was taking heaps of photos of everything. However, after relaxing a bit at the pool area inside, I decided to go to the beach and wohooo, I found a kayak and immediately went for a ride and spent like 2 hours out there relaxing, diving, swimming and just enjoying the moment by myself. The water was extremely cold to be fair, but it was absolutely refreshing. Later Zorana joined me and we spent the rest of the day at the beach sleeping. Around 8ish we were super hungry and went for Japenese food close to our hotel. I used to not like sushi, maki and stuff like that but kinda got used to it while I was in Australia and now I am a big fan, but still prefer the vegetarian ones. Zorana’s friend Tamara joined us later and we all went for drinks with some more girls at Trocadero. It was a blast! Z is chilling by the pool now and I am still in my PJs deciding what to do with myself today, haha, I am so tired. However, gotta go get my coffee now otherwise I’ll be in a bad mood today lol. Talk to you later babes,
x T.










Jumsuit Bik Bok / Chain Nina Kalavaris

Photos: Zorana



10. Juli 2015
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Yesterday we spent the day at Dukley Beach Club which is just a couple of minutes away from our hotel. It is basically a private beach where we finally managed to relax bit more, as our hotel is a bit crowded at the moment and we cannot really find time to chill by the pool or at the beach because Zorana is drawing too much attention around here :D (She has the craziest but cutest fans EVER) However, later that day we had an amazing dinner with a view at a restaurant called Queen’s Chair (close to Sveti Stefan) with Milan. I was having a beef steak and Zorana enjoyed her lamb steak. After dining we ended up in the old town with some friends and had shisha and cocktails. Now we are getting ready for breakfast as we speak, so talk to you later!

x T.



Photos: Zorana Outfit: Amore & Sorvete

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9. Juli 2015

Long time no see! Last time I have been to Budva? Puh… around 6 years ago and I have definitely missed it. Today we checked into our hotel in Becici/Budva and we are more than excited to explore this place a little bit more the next few days with Budva Travel. Me and Zorana spent most of our time today by the pool and ocean, later we visited the old town (‚Stari Grad‘) and ended up at Luna Park, a fun park with roller coaster and stuff like that basically, haha. It was a blast and I felt like a lil kid again, but to be honest, I have always been a huge fan of parks like that and I am always the first who is into doing things like that :D However, after 6 rides we decided to have some cocktails and shisha close to that place and we ended up having a really relaxed evening. This was my outfit of the day, by the way. What do you think of it? Denim on Denim, woohoo :D Now, off to bed  and talk to you guys tomorrow! 

x T.

Top Zara / Shorts Levi’s Vintage / Shoes Converse / Bag Celine / Shades Ray Ban / Accessories ANNA

Photos: Zorana