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Februar 2015



7. Februar 2015
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Nearly 1 week passed at the Gold Coast and I actually can’t wait to leave for Melbourne next after this weekend! YAY! Yesterday we visited DREAMWORLD and had an freakin‘ amazing time riding all kind of roller coasters and other things, which was nice cause we actually felt like little kids, haha. Continue Reading



4. Februar 2015
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Today was actually a very relaxed day compared to the last couple of ones full of stress, fashion shoots, flights, meetings, fittings etc. I managed to sleep in for the first time here in Australia, since my regular day basically would have started at 5 am in the morning as usual. Sydney, Brisbane first.. , now what is my current location? The very beautiful Gold Coast, Surfers Paradise!  Continue Reading



2. Februar 2015
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A couple of days have passed since I got to the amazing capital city of Queensland, Brisbane. Sydney, you have been so good to me but Brisbane’s warm weather stole my heart, haha. I would love to tell you everything that’s going on currently, but if you follow my Instagram you may have a small idea of what’s actually happening. I want to start chatting about my last days but actually don’t even know where to begin! Puh… Well, let’s start with another exciting fitness collaboration of 2015 which I am doing while I’m in Australia: Tatjana X MissGuided Active!

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