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My Summer Make Up

10. August 2016

Hi girls! I’ve once filmed a quick makeup routine on my Snapchat, which was more or less incomplete as I haven’t showed all the products I have been using, that’s why I’m going to talk about it on my blog today. I usually stick to one routine during a season and rarely change my technique or my foundation. In summer I prefer using less makeup just because I get extremely annoyed by the combination of hot weather and too much product on my face. (another reason is that I also get quite a tan and therefore don’t particularly feel the need to apply too much foundation or bronzer). In winter my skin gets quite pale that’s why I would use the solarium once or twice – for some reason my body would get a slight tan but my face not, which I then try to balance with a darker foundation and more coverage. However, as summer is still not over yet (yay!) I would love to highlight this season’s routine :) Continue Reading


Hi Guys!

1. August 2016

I’m currently sitting in a café in Notting Hill, London as I’m writing this post, …having scrambled eggs, a granola bowl and a small americano before heading to my gym for my daily workout (I recently joined Virgin Active on High St Kensington – well, to be accurate: about 2-3 months ago). Continue Reading

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14. August 2015

As you have seen on my Instagram, I spent the past week on a boat with really cool people in wonderful Greece. The Yacht Week – the best week of your life, they say. Well, it has been an incredible experience for me which I will definitely repeat next year :) ! During this week we have visited Lavrio, Poros, Ermioni, Plaka, Dokos and Continue Reading

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27. Juli 2015

First of all I wanna thank you for your nice feedback on my last post! I really did not expect that.. you are the best!! :) I just got back home from shopping (did not really need anything in particular, but ran out of perfume so I got Chanel Mademoiselle in those three small bottles – travel size, which are perfect for my handbag (also bought a new bottle of Lancaster Tan Deepener..juuuuust in case haha) and Continue Reading

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24. Juli 2015

Waking up several times at night super confused  not knowing where I am at the moment – should I worry? To be honest, I love to travel, I love to be in different places every day, to spontaneously book flights to cities I have never been before and create memories, go on adventures. But as lovely this life might sound, it is as exhausting especially when I am traveling overseas. Time difference sucks! Continue Reading

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12. Juli 2015

And it was about time to go back to Belgrade! Zorana, Erna and I spent the last day in Tivat at Porto Montenegro, went for shopping and later lunch before heading to the airport. We took some really nice photos there, they will be online tomorrow. Continue Reading

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9. Juli 2015

Long time no see! Last time I have been to Budva? Puh… around 6 years ago and I have definitely missed it. Today we checked into our hotel in Becici/Budva and we are more than excited to explore this place a little bit more the next few days with Budva Travel. Me and Zorana spent most of our time today by the pool and ocean, later we visited the old town (‚Stari Grad‘) and ended up at Luna Park, a fun park with roller coaster and stuff like that basically, haha. It was a blast and I felt like a lil kid again, but to be honest, I have always been a huge fan of parks like that and I am always the first who is into doing things like that :D However, after 6 rides we decided to have some cocktails and shisha close to that place and we ended up having a really relaxed evening. This was my outfit of the day, by the way. What do you think of it? Denim on Denim, woohoo :D Now, off to bed  and talk to you guys tomorrow! 
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