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25. März 2015
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Making traveling easier with the right suitcase is what I have been focusing on at the moment. I always need plenty of space and a lightweight suitcase to carry around with me while on the go, since I always get stressed out by bulky and heavy luggage. This is why I recently purchased this American Tourister in the biggest size („supersize“) available, as my last suitcase broke on my way from Melbourne to Brisbane :(.

Anyways, I am super happy with this new one which just arrived IN TIME for my next trip!

I have been talking about my next destination on my Instagram the other day, but haven’t actually revealed where I’m off to. Can you guess what it is? No? It’s …Sydney! YAY! I am heading back to beautiful OZI land this week with my babe Sarah! This time I am planning to do FMAS (follow me arounds) for you babes while being in Australia, since you asked for it! Are you excited? :D Oh and what do you think about this travel outfit? YAY OR NAY? (Outfit Details Below)

Talk to you soon,
x T.

_DSC9618_DSC9607_DSC9608_DSC9620_DSC9615_DSC9614_DSC9613_DSC9611Tee Zara Men / Pants Callisti / Sneakers Valentino / Bag Zara

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