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24. Juli 2015

Waking up several times at night super confused  not knowing where I am at the moment – should I worry? To be honest, I love to travel, I love to be in different places every day, to spontaneously book flights to cities I have never been before and create memories, go on adventures. But as lovely this life might sound, it is as exhausting especially when I am traveling overseas. Time difference sucks! Continue Reading

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12. Juli 2015

And it was about time to go back to Belgrade! Zorana, Erna and I spent the last day in Tivat at Porto Montenegro, went for shopping and later lunch before heading to the airport. We took some really nice photos there, they will be online tomorrow. Continue Reading

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9. Juli 2015

Long time no see! Last time I have been to Budva? Puh… around 6 years ago and I have definitely missed it. Today we checked into our hotel in Becici/Budva and we are more than excited to explore this place a little bit more the next few days with Budva Travel. Me and Zorana spent most of our time today by the pool and ocean, later we visited the old town (‚Stari Grad‘) and ended up at Luna Park, a fun park with roller coaster and stuff like that basically, haha. It was a blast and I felt like a lil kid again, but to be honest, I have always been a huge fan of parks like that and I am always the first who is into doing things like that :D However, after 6 rides we decided to have some cocktails and shisha close to that place and we ended up having a really relaxed evening. This was my outfit of the day, by the way. What do you think of it? Denim on Denim, woohoo :D Now, off to bed  and talk to you guys tomorrow! 
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Messy Hair & Adidas

4. Juli 2015

I hope you have been enjoying this perfect weather as much as I have, and good news is, it will stay this hot the next few days as well (as far as Austria is concerned) WOHO! Continue Reading

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30. Juni 2015
_G0B9810 Kopie

I looove to randomly find photos on my laptop which I forgot about but actually love. Such as these images which my babe Sarah shot in our apartment in Bondi of me (a couple of weeks ago) before we headed to the Bec & Bridge show during Fashion Week Australia. Continue Reading


One Teaspoon Shorts

26. Juni 2015
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(Shorts types from left to right: Bandits, Rollers, Rollers, Bonitas)

One Teaspoon denim shorts are super popular at the moment. (around 100 AUD in Australia,  if you order them via or revolve you pay around 100 EUR)  It is an Australian brand and offers so many different shapes, fits, washes, colors.. However, heaps of you struggle with sizing though and always ask me to give advice on it. There are a lot of different types of shorts and I listed the most common ones as well as my favorites. Also: I have linked all the shorts as well!

1. „Bandits“: Low waist/Relaxed fit/Slim hip/Rigid denim – comes with zip or buttons
2. „Rollers“: Slim low waist/Relaxed fit/Low rise/Slim hip/Raw dramatic curve hem – comes with zip or buttons
3. „Bonitas“: Very low waist/Relaxed fit/Slim hip/Raw dramatic curve hem – comes with zip or buttons
4. „Trashwhores“: Slim low waist/Low rise/Smalles and most fitted shorts – comes with zip
5. „Hawks“: High waist version of „Bandits“ – comes with buttons
..just to name a few.

My favorites are definitely the „Rollers“ and „Bandits“ and I am wearing size 26 for both, but I could go with size 27 as well to get a more loose fit! (My Hip Measurement: 92 cm)
„Rollers“ should be worn low, as they look best this way. The rise is super low, which make them look boyrfriend-ish and although the dramatic curve hem makes them a bit cheeky, the super low rise at the back makes sure to not show the bootey :D The same with „Bandits“, except the fact that they do not have the dramatic curve ham as the „Rollers“. I personally do not like the „Bonitas“ as they are pretty short and too tight for me, I bought a 26 without trying, and they are way to small for me as they are very low-waisted as well. But if you like this kind of style definitely make sure to go one size bigger!!

Hope I could help you and if you are having any questions do not hesitate to ask me!! Talk to you soon,

x T.



25. Juni 2015

I am normally not the type of girl who likes to wear skirts, even though I love when other girls wear them, but this time I made an exception as I found this denim one recently which looks vintage and really cool in my opinion. Do you like it? As this piece is an eye-catcher already, I wanted to keep everything else simple (okay, except for the bag :D). Continue Reading

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Comfort Zone

21. Juni 2015

Everyone has a comfort zone of which we rarely want to step out. Especially when it comes to what we wear, we automatically choose pieces, that are ’safe‘. I love to try out new styles, colors, patterns, etc. but I have to admit: I also do have my kinda comfort zone and loooove to wear my typical style over and over again (basically very casual with some vintage details, a bit of ‚rock n roll‘ and Chucks). Why am I telling you this: basically because I wanted to pull this orange dress off with nude heels and a pretty basic bag and shades (as I would basically wear this kind of dress to a summer/cocktail party with a high bun maybe). Thanks to Zorana, who kind of pushed me to combine the color pink with this outfit, I stepped out of my comfort zone. I must admit, I felt super uncomfortable because this was just not me: Round, orange/pink sunglasses, pink bag with an orange dress and leo flats. But.. the longer I was wearing it I kind of felt better and better until I actually started to love this! What do you think? And what kind of style is your ’safe zone‘? Let me know!

PS: My second Santorini Vlog is currently uploading, make sure to check it out later HERE.

Talk to you soon,
x T.

Dress Piper Lane / Flats Nine West / Bag Valentino / Shades Matthew Williamson for Linda Farrow                  Photos: Zorana

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Magical Place

19. Juni 2015

Yesterday was a really stressful day. I had to fly back to Vienna for the BIK BOK flagship store opening in Mariahilferstrasse and almost missed the flight, since I underestimated how busy it will be at the airport. Santorini’s airport is really small and it was totally packed when I arrived there. The flight was pretty relaxed until a really uncomfortable incident: A lady brought her dog on the plane, which was stored in a small bag. During the flight she took him out of the bag and the poor dog started to be stressed and started to be very hectic. The lady probably wanted to put him back into the bag and the dog bit her pretty bad. It was such a crazy situation as she was yelling at the dog and all three flight attendants been trying to manage the situation for over half an hour but couldn’t. I felt so sorry for the dog as it has obviously not been his fault. However, after landing I had to rush to the event, which was AMAZING. I have never experienced a better opening. Anyways, I took the first flight back to Thira the next morning as I was too excited to finally check into our last hotel called Tsitouras Collection. How epic does out TC Villa look? Zorana and me took the chance to take some outfit posts in front of it. Do you like them? (Outfit Details Below)

PS: My Santorini Video Part 1 is currently uploading, make sure to check it out HERE later today!

Talk to you soon
x T.

DSC01064DSC01083DSC01066DSC01078DSC01072DSC01080photo 3photo 4photophoto 7photo 2photo 6
Shirt Bik Bok / Shorts Runwayscout / Bag Proenza Schouler via FORZIERI / Sandals Zara / Shades Ray Ban
Photos: Zorana

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A bit of rosé

17. Juni 2015

I’ll tell you what! Santorini is beautiful but I definitely underestimated the fact that mostly everything is built on a cliff and when you are walking down you sure have to walk back UP again. Haha, well I guess our booties will thank us for the extra walk or let’s call it a hike (I stopped counting the stairs up to the main street from our hotel, because they were too many, haha). No, I am serious, it is pretty hard to get moving through the hotel areas and small narrow streets (exept of the main walk) as it gets really really hot during the day and you damn sure will walk up and down and up and down a lot and feel dehydrated after 5 minutes. Woohoo! Daily mini workout, done! :D Anyways, yesterday we’ve explored another part of the island, called Ammoudi. It is very close to Oía (around 10-15 minutes from Imerovigli by car, approximately €15 for a ride) and it really showed us the volcanic part of Santorini. Dark red rocks and hills and most beautiful view. Unfortunately we arrived there pretty late so I do not have a proper image for you to show, so check this link if you could like to see how this place looks like by day :D Well, as I said, we went there to have dinner and made a reservation at Katina Fish Tavern which got recommended by locals. As this restaurant is located directly next to the ocean, the fish was fresh and absolutely good! I love the greek hospitality and feel totally at home anywhere I go here and if you are visiting Santorini make sure to visit this restaurant! At least for the view:) By the way: do you like my outfit from yesterday? I am sure you have already noticed that I am weak for basic fashion pieces, I love to wear it and I never get sick of it. I have also been wearing the same Mango sandals as in my other post, just in a different color. Yes, I totally love them, the only thing that annoys me is the fact that the laces ALWAYS move down my legs after 10 minutes of walking :( Do you experience the same or is something wrong with the way I tie them, haha?

(All outfit details below)

Talk to you soon! x T.


Top Zara / Shorts Levi’s Vintage from Top Shop / Sandals Mango / Bag YSL / Shades Rayban
Photos: Zorana